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ncs and darkness

2008-07-07 20:06:16 by djdragondude

so I finally finished the pic sorry no color my colored pencils are packed up^^'
here it is

ncs and darkness

I think it's fixed

2008-07-07 10:30:02 by djdragondude

ok I think DA fixed the problem but I'm not too sure

anyways I'm probably not gonna be here too much of the day cuz I'm geting contacts(what my glasses broke in half) and I think I'm going to an amusement park or something with one of my new freinds(btw I'm leaving at 3:00 central time)and when school goes back in I am so gonna tick all the teachers off lol^^ so anyways here's a sonic unleashed screen I found

I think it's fixed


2008-07-06 22:40:25 by djdragondude

my accout on another site keeps getting hacked and I don't know what to do so I left it and if the same thing happens here I'm leaving here too I have nowhere to post my art now can any one help please


2008-07-06 17:23:22 by djdragondude

well you may remember me saying that I'll be posting pics somewhere else well I'll still post the pics you ask for here but most of my other pics I'll be posting here pretty much cuz it's a site pretty much made for posting artwork

I'm gonna start those pics soon tell me if you asked and I forgot
well the ones I remember are:
ncs and darkness fighting
a pic of crank

and just for the heck of it here's a list of flashes I'm gonna do before I start my series
sonic's photograph(yes I'm still on the theater part)
-when I get express animator-
sonic shadow and silver:dust in the wind
wake shadow up when september ends
R.A.D. comixseason 1 and 2 preview/intro:somewhere I belong

so like if you want one of your fan characters in my music vids,random flashes,series,story,or my banner just ask and I'll pm you some questions(they don't have to be fan sonic characters as long as I can draw them I'll put them in)

I hope I finish photograph soon but I'm stuck on a dang editing part that's gonna take forever heck I had to create a disign for a character I'm still working on because of it oh and btw the version of photograph I'm using doesn't have the part that says"remember the old arcade blew every doller that we ever made....." so sorry if you were looking forward to that part(for some reason)
well I'll be able to start working on it on tuseday(but I doubt I will) and just to warn you again this will be the last and I really mean LAST flash I do on liveswif EVER well unless I need it to do some action scripting for a preloader but I might just find a way to make the NGpreloader an flv instead of an fla

*edit*what the freakin crap some one freakin hacked on to my da account and changed my comment this isn't freakin cool I did not go to boston

ok so I updated it

2008-07-05 23:21:59 by djdragondude

so I updated my banner and what do you think
here they are in order starting from the bottom left hand side
dj the hedgehog
rafiell the hedgehog
tera the hedgehog
jain the hedgehog
bradley the hedgehog
lee the hedgehog
(dark)energized the hedgehog
pryo the hedgehog
volt the echinda
scorch the echinda
metreo the echinda
ben the echinda
angila the echinda
dave the hedgehog
j the hedgehog
reko the hedgehog
nicole the hedgehog
jerry the hedgehog
wolf the rabbit
chad the demon wolf
lightning the hedgehog
amp the hedgehog
jack the echinda
nick the echinda
regi the hedgehog
jason the hedgehog
zane the hedgehog
jake the chimilion
spite the chimilion
dexter the dingo-fox
vonage the hedgehog
axe the hedgehog-axe1133's character
patster the hedgehog-patsterthehedgehog's character
fm16 the hedgehog-flashman16's character
kira the neokamata
kana the hedgehog
distructix the hedgehog
rj the hedgehog
jhon the hedgehog
mar the hedgehog
rai the fox
venom the fox
ice the firecat(cat-fox)
flame the firecat(cat-fox)
blade the firecat(cat-fox)
zap the firecat(cat-fox)
charcole the echinda
chip the echinda
swift the volosorapter-dragon
kiba-shonin jump I think
akamaru-shonin jump I think
rex the volosorapter-dragon
cole the hedgehog
zorro the echinda
zig the fox
crystal the cat-flashman16's character
flames the hedgehog-axe1133's character
killa the hedgehog-axe1133's character
crank the echinda-sonic7845's character
darkness the hedgehog-darknessthehedgehog's character
vamp the wolf-megadudex13's character
sareiku the wolf-megadudex13's character
ncs the hedgehog-shadowncs's character
nightmare the echinda-shadowncs's character
lara the cat
kento the kitsune
rain the muse
vince the minx
shane the chinchilla
seth the hedgehog
turbo the hedgehog-axe1133's character
slashumup the hedgehog-slashemup's character
shade the hedgehog-narutosonicfan's character

let me know if you want your character in it doesn't have to be just sonic it can be (almost) anything

ok so I updated it

it's pretty boring here

2008-07-05 18:30:43 by djdragondude

well it's pretty boring here so I decided to update my banner if ya want one or more of your characters in it just ask

it's pretty boring here

more sonic unleashed info

2008-07-05 10:51:37 by djdragondude

I finally found some new info on sonic unleashed(not that I was trying to hard anyways I just pretty much went to one website^^')
Sonic / Super Sonic / Werehog-Sonic
Sonic is the only playable character in the story.Tails ,Knuckles ,and Amy are playable only in minigames.

All of the levels in the game will be based on real-world locations. The first level of the game, Mykonos, was initially dubbed "Greece", due to its design being based on the country, and will be used to initiate the player into some of the game mechanics, as well as provide a sense of speed. The fourth level is based on Europe. A further level seen in screenshots shows a sandy, desert-like level, and two more levels have been shown to journalists, which comprise a level in China - including a run along the Great Wall - and a level based on New York, where Sonic was shown to run betweens skyscrapers.

Levels will have multiple pathways for players to follow, and a day and night system for levels will be introduced, whereby different levels will take place at a set time of day. However, the system will not be dynamic for each level, meaning that time will not advance during the action stages.

The game will also feature Town Stages, and players will be able to walk around the environment freely and speak to townspeople; however, this "overworld" can be completely ignored, should the player prefer to simply play through all the stages. Side quests will also be available from the Town Stages, whilst players will be able to gain various extra items by talking to different townspeople.

-info found here

and sorry it's only 1 player but that might change

and yet another pic of it:

more sonic unleashed info

*sigh*yes again.........

2008-07-03 20:50:00 by djdragondude

well tomarrow morning I'm going back to houston,texas(4 hour drive) and on tuesday I'm going back to arkansas(2 and1/2 hour flight and then a 3 hour drive) and I seriosly doubt that I'll get my flash done by the time I have to go back to school and when I get express animator I would delete that crap program liveswif but I might need it for action scripting- -' never mind............

about my story............

2008-07-03 18:51:40 by djdragondude

well like I'm gonna start posting my stories on my new account and my pics on another one so I can use this one for stuff about my flash(trust me I'm gonna need it when I start my series) and sonic unleashed updates I can find and other stuff, but now I really don't have any thing new^^'

so you can find my next one here

so like if you need any help on sonic the hedgehog(ps3/360)or if you want to know a certain thing about sonic unleashed or(I don't know why you would want to know this but)one of my character's story lines or something just ask trust me I'm not doing anything important

on the road again

2008-06-30 22:52:35 by djdragondude

well tomarow I have to go to my uncle's and that'll be a 4 houir drive and I have no idea when i'll get to a computer again and sorry I can't work on the pics for a while
and if you want to know why I don't just work on them now well a chuwawa bit me on my right finger(yes I'm right handed) and I haven't been typeing as fast or drawing as good all day(after I finished the pic on my previos post)so untill I get to a computer again(tomarrow if you have any comments before 11:00am central time if I'm up I'll answer them)so like here's special fred again

/* */
XD I never get tyred of that^^

so here's a scan from a comic I havent finished yet(heck this is the first page)and like this will be the first episode of my series (yes I know the first one and I haven't finished the comic^^')
for those who can't read it
*Zike May 12, 2002*
*Scorch(age 6)is laying down*
*Metreo(age 7)walks up*
Metreo:Hey schorch what's up?
Scorch:*Sigh*I'm just kinda sad..........
Metreo:Wanna tell me about it?
Schorch:Well, we've been on this island for as long as I can remember-(an island in the water not the sky)
Scorch:I'm just wondering if there's any thing else behind the sea.....
Scorch:You know?
------------------------------------ be continued(in like a year I guess) in a FLASH format
oh and hey sky-the-fire-fox is having a contest maybe you should check it out

on the road again