Entry #164


2008-06-25 11:42:58 by djdragondude

ok looks like the winner is random and I'll get to the story as soon as I think of it^^'
so........ I guess that's it I can't post any new pics,there's nothing new on soinc unleashed, I guess the only thing that's new is I watched this awesome movie last night and I got beat up by my grandma's gient cat and my grandma gave me a tsunade hair do


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2008-06-25 15:34:50

beat up by your grandma's gient cat are you all right

djdragondude responds:

I'm covered in scratches but I'm ok
that thing's half bobcat I know it it's huge


2008-06-25 16:35:24

hey watch this www.djdragondude.justgotowned.com its for comedy use only so dont get mad

djdragondude responds:

thanks lot dude that site nearly woke up my grandparents and uncle- -'


2008-06-25 16:53:49

ow! That had to hurt! =(

djdragondude responds:

yes yes it did- -'