Entry #258


2009-01-21 21:40:13 by djdragondude

I was wondering if any one has a link to a .swf to .fla converter ._.
I can't see to find one that'l work on my comp >>;;

If not.. it's ok.. I can use my plan B

Oh and...
click plz?


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2009-01-21 21:41:34

whats you plan B, because I got the same problem

djdragondude responds:

Getting on another computer and useing my old program to add an effect to my flash like making it fade out where I am and like showing the credits while the song is still playing and like put a last animation at the end with the final lyrics...
But I highly doubt I'd be able to do that...
and I really don't want to give up... I've been working for a while...


2009-01-23 17:06:18

i do also i have a new post

djdragondude responds:



2009-01-23 23:42:20

sothink swf decompiler

(Updated ) djdragondude responds:

Sweet, thanks!