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Help plz!

2008-09-10 16:38:20 by djdragondude

Ok if you remember me talking about that flash I was asked to make for a commercial well I need some help
I can't think of any thing else to put
here's what I have so far /Shelter-Vid-Preview-97550221

I would really appriciate if you could help
here's what it's supposed to be about
an animal shelter
foster parents for animals
their needs for food,water,bedding,collars and stuff like that

so if you have any ideas I would really appriciate if you told me too bad since it's an comercial I can't put credits
but I'll put them in the version I upload online and I'll try to put in a preloader in this time

I was asked to day in east to make a flash about the animal shelter that if I do good it might get on TV here I'ma submit it here too that is if it doesn't get blamed.......

This is freakin sweet I mean seriously I was just helping someone on frooty loops when the teacher said that and in front of the whole class so every one in my class knows

sure I'm not getting payed but it's gonna be on the freakin tv now I say THAT'S an accomplishment!!!!!!!

heh heh heh I think I'm a little too happy about this but oh well

I'd like to tell everyone........

2008-08-21 17:22:12 by djdragondude

*edit* if any ones wondering east lab is a class that I can practice flash in useing flash 8 sure the stuff I make there I can put like zero sound in it maybe some voices if I'm lucky but thats it


I'd like to tell everyone that I changed to east so now I don't have choir any more

if I make something 1/2 way descent I'm probably not gonna post it here cuz it'll probably get like blamed in like 5 seconds^^;
but I will post a link if I post it somewhere er something..........

Summer's freakin gone already.......geez going back to school sucks and we have to go there freakin longer WTF?!?! their not even making us start it later or anything
ok so I'm making a big deal over 4 minuets but it ain't right now I KNOW their freakin holding us hostage...............
heh heh guess I got carried away there^^;
and I'm still ticked I have to go to freakin choir I mean yeah I can sing but not for a freakin hour............
btw I'm not gonna be on as much from now on because of I'd be to tired and well liveswif's gotta start working again soon......right?.......I hope- -'.........

Skylar the fox redesigned

2008-08-16 22:25:23 by djdragondude

I redesigned my user char Skylar the fox
btw those are the close I was wearing when I drew her^^; I even have those shoes^^;
anyways here it is
the shirt says "PUNTA CANA" (spanish)

Skylar the fox redesigned

I got bored.........

2008-08-12 19:06:25 by djdragondude

well I got bored so here are some of my chars theme songs....well atleast the ones that have enough of or an interesting enough storyline for one...........I didn't really have time to load all of um so I hope the song is the one I was going for and their mostly amvs
some have 2 cuz they both fit

Rafiell- papercut also crawling

DJ- Sonic & Knuckles Final Boss Remix also it ends tonight (for a "saga" part in season 3)

Tera- Fukai Mori

Volt- hi voltage (remix)

Metreo- Easier to run

Scorch- in the end also a place for my head

Dave- breaking the habbit

J- numb

Reko- stop and stare

Jason- hit the floor

Seth- given up (not sure if I got this one right)

I might come up with others but that's all I got right now


2008-08-11 14:03:52 by djdragondude

I've been thinking and I've noticed some similarities between swan and photograph, no, not like the quality, I'm not exactly sure how to put it but so I might as well just say,

I started working on swan during winter break

I forget when I started photograph but I was (still am) working on it during summer break

when I only had a little more to go in swan liveswif started majorly screwing up

I only have a little left in photograph and as I've said liveswif is majorly screwing up

I wasn't able to work on swan during the last part of winter break

I still can't work on photograph and I go back to school like the 15th or 18th

I think liveswif is out to get me..........


but enough of that^^;
here's some funny stuff

sonic and metal sonic are perv (sonic sees what metal sees)

/* */
shut up tails(if only the games where like this- -')

/* */
tails the perv

/* */
eggman the perv

/* */
darn I couldn't find the one where tails tells sonic to go to hell...........

wow pervy movie^^;

guess that's

megan and sandra

2008-08-08 23:18:27 by djdragondude

megan and sandra

no more requests I got in over my head^^;

I dunno when I'll be able to get back to my flash.... I think since there are no new updates I'll start posting my stories here again when I think of one^^;

megan and sandra


2008-08-08 22:25:28 by djdragondude

pic of strike I'm getting better with my tablet I think
one more request to finish here then I can finish off all the DA ones


bz flame kim and silver

2008-08-08 18:17:25 by djdragondude

a pic for blaze 432

1.picture of strike
2.megan and sandra locking eyes with sparks

-requests are closed-

bz flame kim and silver