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djdragondude's News

Posted by djdragondude - August 7th, 2008

I got my tablet today I'm still getting the hang of it though

well I'm doing requests so ask if ya want one I'll get to it eventually since people are askin me to on another site.........
so far......
1.Bz and Flame back to back with their thumb up and Kim and Silver holding hands
2.picture of strike
3.megan and sandra locking eyes with sparks

sorry but requests are closed I may open them again later

Posted by djdragondude - August 5th, 2008

*edit*well it's my b-day......guess that's all I have to say about it though
I've been saying liveswif has been screwing up seriously lately and I just need to say that that isn't new.....on S.W.A.N. when I got to the part where blaze sings I had about as much left to do as I do on photograph then liveswif stared screwing up and I pretty much gave up and did what I could and at that time it was january.........but on photograph I'm really trying to make it good so it may take a long while to get finished sorry..........
well I'm doing requests so ask if ya want one I'll get to it eventually since people are askin me to on another site..........
so far......
1.Bz and Flame back to back with their thumb up and Kim and Silver holding hands
2.picture of strike
3.megan and sandra locking eyes with sparks

nothing else new............
things are really slow..............
no pic..............

Posted by djdragondude - August 4th, 2008

here's a pic of flashman16's character flashman16 the hedgehog

FM16 pic

Posted by djdragondude - August 2nd, 2008

*EDIT*ask me if ya want me to draw you a pic cuz I'm bored and my flash is getting nowhere............
well I've been talking about express animator here and there so I thought I'd put out some info about it so here it is

what express animator can do

Skeletal Animation
Express Animator features skeletal animation which is a way of linking together shapes such as arms or legs so that can be animated like a puppet. This allows the user to create moveable characters.

yes motion tweening

shape tweening

Javascript Interfacing
Although Express Animator does not implement the full ActionScript it is possible to make games with Express Animator using Javascript interfacing. This is a similar method to the way Silverlight implements interactions. This means that the user gives a reference name to each MovieClip in a frame. Then the user can interface with the objects in javascript. For example the following takes the position of a MovieClip with reference object1 and adds 20 to it: var x= SWFobject.TGetProperty("_root.object1"
,0); SWFobject.SetVariable("_root.object1._
x",x+20); Where SWFobject is the javascript DOM object which represents the embedded SWF.

Import and Export Formats

Express Animator imports and exports media files in several formats to various extents. The main ones are:

Animated GIFs

to tell ya the truth I dunno what 1/2 of those are^^;

and to top it off it's cheap if ya ask me it's a good idea but then again that's coming from someone who was useing liveswif^^;
just ask if ya wanna know where to get it

(italic stuff pasted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Express_A nimator)
a screen shot from it I found online if anyone's wondering(skeletal animation)

express animator

Posted by djdragondude - July 31st, 2008

*edit 3* here's a preview of the running it's a loop and it's short in the main flash

*edit 2*never mind about the help thing I know how to animate running but just not how to animate their legs(if ya notice all the walking scenes in s.w.a.n. aren't showing their legs)well I'll do what I can which is probably gonna result in me opening 20 paints^^'............so thanks for trying to help guys I just hope I don't majorly screw up............

*edit*well I do have some good news I am getting express animator and a tablet I dunno when but I just got a whole lot of money wednesday and now I have enough to get express animator, a cheep tablet, sonic unleashed and still have a little left and my brother's coming tonight^^ and for photograph it'll be done um sometime soon I hope if I can ever figure out running.......
um hey can anyone give me a tip on animating running I can't use motion tween and I have to do all my layering on paint can anyone help plz I haven't gotten anywhere...........well I drew one frame and that equals like 15 frames but that's not the point...........so can ya plz help........

Posted by djdragondude - July 30th, 2008

here's one on Honey the cat(only name gender and race are official) I'll work on mighty later

super forms:I might make up 1 or 2 later........
pic:this was kinda hard.......

Honey the cat

Posted by djdragondude - July 30th, 2008

*edit 2*I changed the eyes to make her look like a cat

*edit*I finally found out how old marine is(10)now I can finally draw her right
well I was seeing if there was any new sonic unleashed info and since there was none I took a look at a canceled game and found a character I decided to put in my series,Tiara Boobowski heck I might even put Mighty the armadillo and Honey the cat in but I'll think about that later here's some info about her(some I made up but other stuff is official)

race:manix(tailless cat)
super forms:I might make up 1 or 2 later........
pic:I kinda mixed together her last design with her second to last design to draw this

I've decided......

Posted by djdragondude - July 29th, 2008

*edit 2*I don't get how guide lines are supposed to help people draw......they make all my pics end up crappy........*sigh* I hope I can still draw decently- -'..........

*edit*I changed it lol^^

here's what it should say when liveswif crashes meh I was bored........

interesting crash........

Posted by djdragondude - July 29th, 2008

here's adult rafiell again the design I'm planning on useing for season 4 meh I forgot to add a bunch of stuff on him I might fix it later right now I gotta go somewhere..........

adult rafiell age 22

Posted by djdragondude - July 28th, 2008

*edit 2*for a bigger/clearer pic than at the bottom go here and click download

*edit*YES! the AS thing worked now I can actually get somewhere in my flash^^


I decided to redo that dj forms thing with some new ones that I thought of recently and some of rafiell's forms and together with what little info I have of each form I also decided to change some stuff to japanese to make it sound cooler

dj-his normal form

super dj-not very powerful pretty much one attack

hyper dj-dj's controlled hyper form

hyper shade dj-dj's uncontrolled hyper form

semi-hyper dj-what dj usually turns into if he manages to get control of his hyper shade form

dark dj-what dj turns into if he adsorbs the crystal of Shinu

fire sole stage 1-what he looks like useing fire sole(semi-transparent when visable)

fire sole stage 2-his full fire sole form

elemental dj-his elemental form
rafiell-his normal form

molten rafiell-a form he acquired after falling into the volcano of Shinu (you'll find out how he survives later in my series)

hyper rafiell-rafiell's hyper form

wolf rafiell stage 1-his first wolf form

wolf rafiell stage 2-his full wolf form

elemental rafiell-his elemental form

...........yes I know what those jap words mean...............kinda..........

anyways here's the pic that goes with this

rafiell and dj super forms