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djdragondude's News

Posted by djdragondude - July 27th, 2008

I just got done previewing my movie a few times and for once liveswif actually gave me the same preview for all of um but the crappy thing is that I think I've been syncing it wrong this whole time...........................
I might be able to fix it with action script but I dunno
well here's a screen shot from it again

awww crap!

Posted by djdragondude - July 26th, 2008

since there's no new info................here's an up close clear pic of were sonic next to sonic

were sonic

Posted by djdragondude - July 25th, 2008

k so looks like liveswif won't crash when I preview it as long as I put the song in with AS now if only I can get it to stop freezing and skipping...........anyways I got a new game today called naruto ultimate ninja 3 it's pretty fun I didn't get to really enjoy it cuz narutofan100 came over and kept telling me how to play it and he doesn't even have it..............but I kicked his ass with hinata so it's cool^^exept I have a headache now..................I'm probably gonna go look up some codes for it now and try to get some where since liveswif refuses to work again so I guess I'll try again later....................

updates and some other stuff

Posted by djdragondude - July 25th, 2008

well liveswif is crashing again just cuz I tried to put the song in manually to see if it synced right well all it did was make it crash
geez I was just testing it out to see if it worked better than with action script stupid liveswif then again I guess it's not my smartest idea I put in the songs for S.W.A.N. and tails behind the scenes manually and yeah I think every one knows what happened there- -'..........I hope deleting some of the pics I saved makes it work better


Posted by djdragondude - July 24th, 2008

I found some new unleashed info on http://www.tssznews.com/2008/07/23/fir st-tssz-what-is-dark-gaia/ so here it is

"Possible New Information on Antagonist in Unleashed

Just as Perfect Chaos was the final boss in Sonic Adventure...this new creature may be the ultimate enemy in Sonic Unleashed, if reports out of Famitsu are true.

The well respected Japanese magazine has revealed some new details relevant to the plot of Unleashed. A Japanese translation revealed mostly known details-except this line:

The breaking up of the continents has awoken a huge, terrible monster; "Dark Gaia" from his slumber and Eggman tries to use him to dominate the planet.

Furthering this text is an image that had been floating around the Internet, which we have below. It appears that this creature is Dark Gaia that Famitsu refers to.

If you'd like, here's a somewhat broken Babelfish translation of the Famitsu story (I've cleaned it up some to have it make a little more sense):"

Don't worry no ending spoilers I think...........

"The blue blur is on the enormous space battleship, as it appears suddenly.

Sonic finishes a very important battle, the last stronghold of the Dr. Eggman.

There in the midst of the Eggman fight, Sonic transforms.

Becoming Super Sonic, he destroys everything in his path, and corners Eggman.

But, that was the magnificent trap which Eggman set up.

The high energy capture device surrounds Super Sonic suddenly.

With the power of Super Sonic, the power of the Chaos Emerald is taken.

Eggman has finally obtained seven Chaos Emeralds via Super Sonic.

That was Dr. Eggman's true purpose.

Eggman converts the energy of the Chaos Emerald to negative "dark" energy.

The enormous dark energy beamed down from the spaceship to the planet.

With rumbling, the planet cracks in seven.

From the world, the enormous monster "Dark Gaia" awakening from sleep, it appears from the crack of the continent.

The Dr. egg man, making this Dark awake Gaia, has been about will attach to the subordinate, to control the planet.

Simultaneously, as for sonic it is involved in the place of the energy converter of the chaos emerald, accident occurred in the body.

The muscle rose, the nail became pointed, the fang grew, the entire body was covered in the black hair, it became the form like the beast.

Sonic changes to the fearful form.

"Business was completed", said Dr. Eggman, "who is expelled from outer space."(?)"

k so for the update on photograph I finished the theater part^^

and for the question
does any one know what this phrase is from
"I will fight till my last breath"
I'm pretty sure sauskue says it but I'm not sure I'm almost positive it's from an anime though..........

dark gaia
wow this game looks like it has awesome graphics.................

new sonic unleashed info/update on photograph/a question I can't figure out

Posted by djdragondude - July 23rd, 2008

*edit 2*well I just previewed it and i seems to be working out fine it's way better since I changed the theater part I didn't think it wold make that much of a difference^^'

*edit 1*well I'm not sure if any one remembers me saying that I make comic books.......well not any more my stupid cat ruined all of um even all the unfinished ones so now I have to start from scratch I had like 50 of um all drawn by hand so now I'm freakin ticked I'm just makin them into scrips with a pic on the back now and keepin them in a big folder...................it isn't right..............
k so I'm almost done with the theater part and maybe finish today(the part not the entire flash) so like here's the screen shot I'm at right now

I just remembered how to zoom in on liveswif so now it'll be more visible

almost finished with the theater part again

Posted by djdragondude - July 22nd, 2008

*edit*I forgot to mention this I will be able to work on my flash after the 4th just not as much as now an plus if I get express animator on the 6th(which I'm doubting now but I'll have enough money to buy it and probably a tablet after I get sonic unleashed)I'd rather spend my time trying to get good at motion tween and when I get back to school to make my flashes even better I guess I'll try to "learn" something in east lab(I don't think learn is the best way to put it since I was the only one useing flash and the teacher didn't even know how to use it so I pretty much had to figure it out my self.......with the help of some of the tuts here......)

*edit*screen shot best seen in full view

*edit*HOLY CRAP I didn't know it was the 22nd ..' geez I've gotta stop playing halo 3 on legendary(what I'm almost 1/2 way through the first level)I've gotta seriosly get to work on my flash before my brother comes(august 4th)

*edit*sorry I changed my banner I have the save file of the other one and I'll change it back later

ok so like I was looking around and I found some info so here it is

sonic unleashed will be called sonic world adventure in japan(I wonder why only in japan...........)

so like pretty much the story's the same
sonic goes to eggman
eggman shoots the planet breaking it
eggman shoots
sonic turns into a were wolf
falls out of eggman's space ship thing
turns super and saves himself
(cool pic of super)

and like the mini games changed to missions so like you can play as the other guys to do stuff for random guys on the street

now for VAs

I have NO Idea if the old ones are coming back or not I heard that they wouldn't use the 4kids VAs after sonic and the secret of the rings but then again I also heard that sega just renewed their contract with 4kids till 2014 so I dunno

all I say is at least change shadow's VA seriosly he is extremely hard to hear and rouge's cuz her's is weird now................then again it doesn't really matter to me as long as the game's cool

well I was looking around and I found something called sonic heroes 2 trailer I was to lazy to look at it so I dunno if it's real or not and if it has the same story line I really don't care(the whole overly used teamwork thing)

well that's it for unleashed info for now

ok now for photograph it may take a little longer than expected due to me probably gonna redo the theater part well it would probably make it better anyways since due to editing the part's a little crappy and I probably wouldn't have to do too much anyways and again there probably will be a slight syncing problem since I really can't tell if it is or not(and I can't do the trick where I up load it here and not submit it due to I have a really slow computer)

so like I'll try to fix and instead of the expected due date being before the 6th I'm moving it up to the 4th maybe sooner due to alot of stuff happening so like until it's finished here's that pic from my last post(feel free to try and guess how it becomes important I almost guarantee you you won't figure it out-I'll tell you if your right or wrong through pm just in case you do get it-)

new sonic unleashed info + some random stuff about photograph

Posted by djdragondude - July 22nd, 2008

*edit*ok I changed it to make a little more seance rafiell being 4 and dj being 2

well here's a quick sketch of rafiell and dj getting their picture taken when they were little(2 and 4) now this might not look like much now but you might want to remember it cuz it plays an important role in my series later on so here it is I tried to make them look younger
rafiell not having a scar
dj not having headphones
and so on..........

quick sketch

Posted by djdragondude - July 21st, 2008

*edit* ok ok I'll work on my flash now but lemme tell ya this most of the part I'm working on now involves sonic running........and.......I......never.
...........animated running before.......or walking - -'........and I really need to get it done before the 4th now(yes I know I said 6th before) cuz my brother's coming........so like I'll restart my computer now and get to work

*edit* awww man I seriosly can't tell if it's syncing or not I have a feeling that the theater part's screwing it up it keeps freezing there.............any advice................


I was searching for something random on google and I found something called sonic movie (2009) so I like desided to click it and I found this poster lol^^ I know it's fake and the real ova is probably fake too but this is good for a laugh lol^^

omg lol^^

Posted by djdragondude - July 21st, 2008

well like yesterday I drew a pic of dj age 20 that will probably be his design for season 4 and no there's not exactly a time elapse(at first)in season 4,well pretty much rafiell and dj are somehow transported into the future and get separated and it's like a whole 5 years later thing

but like if you hate sauskue or if your just in the mood for a laugh try reading these
http://imgaarasninja.deviantart.com/ar t/200-WAYS-TO-PISS-OFF-SASUKE-91943120
and after that try looking at this club's webcam^^

oh and I won't be here to much till later on today so like here's the pic of dj at 20

adult dj season 4 and some other stuff that willl probably change