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Posted by djdragondude - June 22nd, 2008

so I found some more info about sonic unleashed:

*day and night system(which I doubt sega said they would put that in sonic 06' heck I even found some japanese gameplay footage(on youtube) with them using the day and night system but did they put it in I don't think so)

*It has town stages and you can talk to the people in the town(I hope it's more interesting this time)

*from what I read you have control between 2-d and 3-d transitions^^

ok that's all I got so enjoy the totaly off topic pic I found^^

sonic unleashed again

Posted by djdragondude - June 22nd, 2008

into dark oak's base

DJ:we're out #'d!
Rafiell:Well no dip sherlock.
*Some one runs in between sonic and the gang and the meterex*
-?-:WIND TUNNEL!!!!!!
*All the meterex get sucked into his hand*
DJ:And yet another inuyasha character it just keeps getting randomer........
Ncs:Let's go.
Ncs:What are you still standing there for we need to get moving.
Ncs:Your not still mad are you?
Rafiell:He's not mad you wanna see him mad watch this.
*DJ turns on his cd player*
Cd player:........
*Tries again*
Cd player:........
*DJ takes off his cd player and opens the place where you put the cd and takes out a slice of bologna*
*Starts chasing rafiell*
DJ:I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow:I vote leave um out here.
Every one:Agreed!
*they go into the base*
Tails:Now where would an evil mastermind be hiding in a place like this.........
Sonic:Sitting in that chair.
Knuckles:Well I could of figured that out!
Crank:Then why didn't you?
Sonic:ok I'll take care of dark oak.
Darkness:Why you why can't we help?
Sonic:Well I'm still in super form and that's how the storyline goes.
Sparks:And since when do we follow the story line?
Sonic:I don't know.........
*Sonic and dark oak fly up into space*
Fm16:So we're just gonna stand here lookin up?
Sora:Looks like it.
Ncs:How'd you get here?
Sora:I'm not sure..........
Tails:Where's cosmo then?
Sora:I ditched her in the pod.........
Jason:Who votes we go for pizza?
Everyone(including rafiell and DJ):Yeah!
*They go to pizza hut*
Sonic:Yeah so they get to go to pizza hut and I'm stuck here fighting some weird meterex guy just my luck............

to be continued
if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions

wind tunnel

rad sx 73

Posted by djdragondude - June 22nd, 2008

I added some more of my characters to my banner(some are not mine sorry I forgot to mention that when I first posted this but I sorta already said it^^') and if you want one or more your characters on it lemme know btw yes I still have more characters


Posted by djdragondude - June 21st, 2008

yes I know I'm finishing these fast that's because I want to get to this funny part involving dj and kakashi and if you watch naruto you should be able to figure it out(Nothing about the book)

Truth revield

Rafiell:We have to go!
Nightmare:Wait maybe we should think this through a bit.
Rafiell:You herd him if we don't show up he'll kill DJ!
Tails:But what if it's a trap?
Rafiell:Well if your not going I will!
*Runs off*
Sora:He can't take them by himself we need to go.
Axe:Yeah we haven't seen some action since-
Charcole:Like a hour ago.
Axe:What's your point.........
Killa:We might as well go.
Flames:Yeah there's nothing on tv.
*They go to eggman's base*

Eggman:*Stupid eggman laugh*
Eggman:You fell for my trap now I will kill you all!
Eggman:Shadow,shadow Ncs attack!!!!
Ncs:Why should we kill our own freinds?
Shadow:Yeah that battle was just a fake.
DJ:Just a fake tell that to my arm!
Shadow:Shut up DJ.
Shadow and Ncs:Time for you to get out of our way!
*They kick eggman out of his base(literally)*
Eggman:You'll regret thiiiiiisssss!!!!
*They let DJ out of the tube*
DJ:So Ncs, if the battle was just a fake why'd you have to cut open my arm and break a few of my ribs?
Ncs:I had to make it convincing.
DJ:Dude he ran off he wasn't even watching.
Ncs:Yeah and?
DJ:Never mind............
Nightmare:Let's get out of here.
*They get out of the base*
Tails:We need to go after dark oak!
Every one:Ok!

*they go to the last meterex base*
*Meterex elites line up in front of them*
Meterex elites:Ready aim fire!!!!
Every one:OH CRAP!!!!!!

to be continued
thanks shadowncs for the help on this one

if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions

sorry no pic this time I still can't think of one

Posted by djdragondude - June 21st, 2008

escape from the collapsing building

Inuyasha:Whe-where am I?
Inuyasha:Looks like this place is collapsing I need to get out of here.
Inuyasha:Huh what do you want.
DJ:I-I can't get up.
Inuyasha:Forget it I'm not helping you!
DJ:Fine I'll just keep this jewel shard then.
Inuyasha:Where did you get that?
DJ:Found it it's probably the only one here.
Inuyasha:Fine I'll help you......
*Inuyasha grabs DJ's arm and starts running*
DJ:Oh not again.....
DJ:I meant help me stand up!
Inuyasha:Well it's too late now unless you want me to leave you to die.
*Inuyasha and DJ get out of the building*
*DJ leans up ageist a tree and gives inuyasha the shard*
DJ:Ok if I use my jet shoes and you run we should be able to find sonic and the others.
Inuyasha:Find them yourself I'll go my own way.
*Runs off*
DJ:Fine with me.
*DJ takes off his gloves and makes them some what into bandages and ties them around his arm*
*DJ starts flying with his jet shoes*
*Suddenly metal sonic grabs dj's arm and takes him to eggman's base and puts him in a tube*

*Eggman comes on the tv*
Eggman:*Stupid eggman laugh*
Eggman:Sonic and the others I have captured pj-
DJ:It's DJ idiot!
Eggman:And if you don't come and rescue him I will kill him!
Eggman:*Stupid eggman laugh*
DJ:You suck eggman!

to be continued
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if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions

sorry no pic this time

Posted by djdragondude - June 21st, 2008

fire sole form

DJ:*Thinking*I've gotta think of something quick or I'm dead meat!*Thinking*
*Ncs raises his chaos blade*
*DJ suddenly gets a burst of energy and is able to move enough that ncs's chaos blade only slices his arm*
*Ncs takes his foot off dj*
Ncs:How could I miss?
*DJ quickly gets up and stands about 2 feet away from Ncs*
*DJ grabs his blood covered arm*
DJ:I'm not giving up that easily!
Ncs:Getting serious eh?
*DJ's eyes fade out and he glows a sort of fiery lite blue color*
*DJ transforms into his fire sole form*
Ncs:Make any transformations you want you still aren't gonna win.
DJ:We need to take this outside or the building will crush us!
Ncs:Me and shadow won't be killed we can use chaos control.
Ncs:Unlike you and dog boy over there.
DJ:Humph let's make this quick then!

Shadow:Humph so are you gonna make the first move or am I?
*Inuyokai rushes tword shadow and attacks him with his claws*
*Shadow takes off his rings and glows a bright yellow*
Shadow:CHAOS LANCE!!!!!!!
*Passes out*
*Another of the bolts hits another beam*
Ncs:Shadow we need to get out of here!
Shadow:Chaos control!
*Lands by inuyokai*
Ncs:Chaos contol!
DJ:I need to get out of here but I can't leave inuyasha-
*Inuyokai starts to wake up*
DJ:I have to get the Tetsusaiga or I'll die.
*Gets up*
DJ:*Thinking*that last attack must of broken some of my ribs but I have to get to that sword*Thinking*
*DJ staggers over to the Tetsusaiga picks it up and collapses next to inuyasha*
*The Tetsusaiga transforms inuyokai back into inuyasha*
DJ:*Thinking*if he doesn't wake up soon were both dead*Thinking*
*DJ transforms back*

to be continued
if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions

rad sx 70

Posted by djdragondude - June 21st, 2008

ncs and shadow vs everyone else

Shadow:Chaos spear!
*Inuyasha uses his Tetsusaiga to deflect it*
Inuyasha:My iron rever sole stealer should of cut you in half.
Shadow:Do you really think something like that is going to stand up ageist the ultement life form?
Inuyasha:Well I know one thing that can.
Inuyasha:WIND SCAR-
Shadow:Chaos spear!
*Shadow shoots the Tetsusaiga out of his hand*
*Inuyasha transformes into inuyokai*
DJ:He transformed I've got to go stop him!
Ncs:Shouldn't you be worried about your own battles?
Ncs:Chaos lance!
*One of the bolts hits one of the beams that holds the building up*
DJ:You guys have to get out of here!
Rafiell:Not without you!
Kagome:Yeah if they don't kill ya inuyasha sure will!
DJ:I can handle them-
Ncs:No you can't.
DJ:Just go!
*Every one goes together and teleport using chaos control*
Ncs:Heh there's no one here to save you now and your only alli here has turned evil.
DJ:*Thinking*crap me and pryo are still separated*Thinking*
*The chaos beam forsed dj on the ground and ncs comes up to him and keeps him down with his foot*
*Ncs puts his chaos blade up to dj's throat*
Ncs:Any last words?

to be continued
if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions


rad sx 69

Posted by djdragondude - June 21st, 2008

if I continue to work on my start over version of my flash I'll never get done in time so I'm just gonna use action script to get around the crash I'll get it done sooner but not next week I just hope it doesn't crash again

Posted by djdragondude - June 21st, 2008

it doesn't look like I'll be getting my flash done anytime soon since I had to restart it it's well not as fun as making it the first time cuz well I already did all that stuff anyways if you haven't seen it already I finished my banner and if you want your character in it(it doesn't have to be a sonic one as long as I can find or make a sprite of it)
in order the characters are

dj the hedgehog
rafiell the hedgehog
tera the hedgehog
jain the hedgehog
bradley the hedgehog
lee the hedgehog
(dark)energized the hedgehog
pryo the hedgehog
volt the echinda
scorch the echinda
metreo the echinda
ben the echinda
angila the echinda
dave the hedgehog
j the hedgehog
reko the hedgehog
nicole the hedgehog
jerry the hedgehog
wolf the rabbit
chad the demon wolf
sal the wolf
lightning the hedgehog
amp the hedgehog
jack the echinda
nick the echinda
regi the hedgehog
jason the hedgehog
zane the hedgehog
jake the chimilion
spite the chimilion
dexter the dingo-fox
vonage the hedgehog
shang the cat
len the cat
distructix the hedgehog
rj the hedgehog
jhon the hedgehog
mar the hedgehog
rai the fox
venom the fox
ice the firecat(cat-fox)
flame the firecat(cat-fox)
blade the firecat(cat-fox)
zap the firecat(cat-fox)
charcole the echinda
axe the hedgehog
patster the hedgehog
fm16 the hedgehog
crystal the cat
flames the hedgehog
killa the hedgehog

uh yeah

Posted by djdragondude - June 20th, 2008

I've noticed something when your home town's name is flippin no one takes you seriosly when you tell them the town you live in and state anyways I finally finished and I didn't put all of my characters but oh well(Some are not mine) (I have 96 characters)oh and if you want to know who one of the is just tell me what they look like or what # they are(count down the row)oh and if you want one of your characters on it just ask so how does it look