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rad sx 76

2008-06-26 17:59:34 by djdragondude

yes more new guys- -'

*dj goes flying and lands near rafiell and the others*
Axe:Whoa man what hapened to you?
DJ:It isn't right it just isn't right........................
Rafiell:1000 years of death?
DJ:Yeah that's what he yelled....
Rafiell,Sparks,and Darkness:HAHAHAHAHAHAHOLOLOLOLOLROTFLO LHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ:Not funny..............
DJ:Who was it?
DJ:C'mon guys well all I know is he was reading a book................
*Every one looks at Ncs*
Ncs:Hey I din't do it!
DJ:Nah he was a human.
Sparks and Darkness:Heh.........
-?-:There he is!
DJ:Not you again!
DJ:Wait a minuet that's Kakashi!
*Rafiell,Sparks,and Darkness fall on the ground laughing*
DJ:Not funny.....................
*they go back to chri-er sora's house*
*Sonic lands on the ground and turns back to normal*
Sonic:Uh guys uh where'd ya go?
*Meanwhile after sonic got back*
*Shadow's standing out side*
*Some one sneaks behind shadow and hits him up side the head with a piece of salimi*
*passes out*
Eggman:*Stupid eggman laugh*
Eggman:Now metal sonic take him back to the base and put him in a tube!

to be continued
if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions

here's the pic I was too lazy to shade and ink it

rad sx 76

something else I drew

2008-06-26 13:37:41 by djdragondude

here's a old pic of dj next to shadow I drew in 05 next to one I drew tuseday kinda hard to belive I drew um both

something else I drew

something I drew

2008-06-26 13:30:31 by djdragondude

here's a pic I drew by hand then outlined in pen it's my chracter volt the echinda so what do you think

something I drew

rad sx 75

2008-06-26 11:07:13 by djdragondude

I'm not puting a pic up becaust I'm ticked that I have to restart this

another new guy- -'

DJ:So that's it?
dj:he's dead
ncs:looks like it
dj: and we didn't do any thing
darkness:i guess so
dj:well that sucks why does sonic get to do every thing
tails:be happy that you get your battles in the games we just stand here and do nothing
dj:that reminds me how does sonic hear you when he's fighting some one in space
every one:................
dj:i'm out of here
lee:where do-
dj:some where other than here
* walks off*
rafiell:what crawled up his pants and died
emerald:hey guys whats up
jason:emerald where have you been
emerald:that chaos control sent me some where weird
jason:that was like in ch7 this is freakin 75

dj:whos that
*walks closer*
dj:he saw me
-?-:1000 years of death
dj:aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh hh

to be continued
if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions

rad sx 74

2008-06-25 23:39:30 by djdragondude

ok so I finally thought of one and sorry I'm not putting on a pic but when (if) I make my other one tomarrow and my grandma let's me use the scanner I'll be able to hgand draw my pics and they'll be way etter than my paint pics that is if she lets me use it^^'and she said she might be able to help me fix the scanner I have at home so I might hand draw mypics if that works out^^

sonic vs dark oak

*sonic and dark oak stare at eachother for 10 minuets not moving*
Dark oak:.........
Dark oak:.........
Dark oak:.........
Sonic:Why are we just floating here?
Dark oak:We're waiting to see who will make the first move.
Dark oak:Because we're being profeshinal.
Dark oak:Because it's what all the heros and villans do during a big battle
Dark oak:Well.......Because......-
Sonic:Because why?
Dark oak:Grrrrr I DON"T KNOW!
Sonic:HA HA!
Sonic:You don't know.........loser!
Dark oak:I've had enough of you!
Dark oak:HYPER-
Sonic:Hyper what?
Dark oak:.........................your enjoying this aren't you..............................
Sonic:heh heh.
*the beam hits sonic and he fades away*
Dark oak:What?
Dark oak:Where'd he go?
Sonic:Up here metal head!
Sonic:CHAOS LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark oak:AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonic:I didn't expect it to be this easy!
Dark oak:Why I auta.......
Dark oak:What?
Dark oak:Grrrrrrr!
Dark oak:ULTRA CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Apperes behind dark oak*
*Reaches behind his back and pulls out a men in black mind erase thing*
*Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash *
*Grabs black oak by the front of his cape*
Dark oak:Cheep plastic crap!
Dark oak:Crap..........

to be continued
meh I might start on another one like I have any thing else to do exept get beat up by the huge 1/2bobcat cat again...........................that might not be a bad idea............................
btw if your wondering his name is tamial

if you miss one here's a master link

if you want me to feature 1 or more of your fan characters just tell me and I'll pm you some questions


2008-06-25 11:42:58 by djdragondude

ok looks like the winner is random and I'll get to the story as soon as I think of it^^'
so........ I guess that's it I can't post any new pics,there's nothing new on soinc unleashed, I guess the only thing that's new is I watched this awesome movie last night and I got beat up by my grandma's gient cat and my grandma gave me a tsunade hair do

I have a reason why posting this now

2008-06-23 23:33:22 by djdragondude

I do have a reason for posting this now I'm probably gonna wake up just in time to get in the car and drive to the plane^^'
well I have to leave tomorrow morning and I don't know how long it'll be before I get to texas and add on top of it traveling to state capital probably 5 hours- -' I'm glad I learned alot of foreign languages cuz in 03 I couldn't understand a word some people were saying

ok never mind about that anyways I've decided to keep taking votes till I get to a computer again so...........
should the fight between super sonic and ark oak be:


anyways in that new trailer for sonic unleashed
(if you haven't seen it here it is)

/* */
and like there are balloons in it seriosly ok so the only reason I know that is I found it on a web site and if ya don't believe me look here:
19/balloons-in-sonic-unleashed#more-13 8

strange right?
ok so like until I get to a computer again(what I'm gonna watch some tv for a while)enjoy this little pic I drew

I have a reason why posting this now

ok I watched it

2008-06-23 16:50:14 by djdragondude

ok I watched it there's blank video at the end but that's so it can have hd quality

/* */
ok and I'm still taking votes(till tuseday morning) so
should the fight between super sonic and ark oak be:


yeah I know another delay

2008-06-23 14:42:18 by djdragondude

yeah well there's another delay on when I'll get my flash out I have to go to texas on tuesday for like a week or two and I don't think my grandma want's me downloading anything on her computer so I have no idea when it will be finished I will be able to get to a computer I think so I'll be able to work on my story thing but I do need some help on a disishion
should the fight between super sonic and ark oak be:


turns out there's another trailer for sonic unleashed and after I watch it I'll post up the details hopefully it is a new one instead of those other two that I've seen 100 times
btw in 6th grade I failed art seriosly no kidding I failed art wtf is up with that and fyi I'm in 8th grade now

it took awhile

2008-06-22 18:13:37 by djdragondude

it took a while but I was able to make a group pic of all my characters with finalized forms(yes that means I still have more)so here it is I was too lazy to draw it

in order the characters are:

shang the cat
len the cat
distructix the hedgehog
rj the hedgehog
jhon the hedgehog
mar the hedgehog
rai the fox
venom the fox
ice the cat/fox
flame the cat/fox
blade the cat/fox
dj the hedgehog
rafiell the hedgehog
tera the hedgehog
jain the hedgehog
bradley the hedgehog
lee the hedgehog
energized the hedgehog
pryo the hedgehog
volt the echinda
scorch the echinda
metreo the echinda
ben the echinda
angila the echinda
amp the hedgehog
jack the echinda
nick the echinda
regi the hedgehog
jason the demon/hedgehog
zane the hedgehog
jake the chimilion
spite the chimilion
dexter the dingo/fox
vonage the hedgehog
zap the cat/fox
dave the hedgehog
charcole the echinda
lara the cat
kenny the fox
reno the hedgehog/fox
nova the hedgehog
mark the fox
chip the echinda
lightning the hedgehog
kana the hedgehog
j the hedgehog
reko the hedgehog
nicole the hedgehog
jerry the hedgehog
wolf the rabbit/were-wolf
chad the demon wolf
sal the wolf
mat the raccoon
liz the raccoon
janet the raccoon
maurice the raccoon
kira the nekomata
kento the kitsune
rain the muse
vince the minx
rege the wolf(dead)
swift the raptor/dragon
rex the raptor/dragon
seth the hedgehog
bryte the 1/2 chao
drake the 1/2 chao
alex the 1/2 chao
cole the hedgehog
zorro the echinda
zig the fox
shane the chinchilla
saber the gient demon snake
chaos spiret ryu
demon ryu

I added a better pic of saber the demon snake and just ask if you want to know what's up with his fangs

it took awhile