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2009-01-24 01:13:39 by djdragondude

Sorry, but I've desided to move accounts for my own reasons
Any new flash submissions I make will be posted there
So like... yeah...
That is all..


2009-01-21 21:40:13 by djdragondude

I was wondering if any one has a link to a .swf to .fla converter ._.
I can't see to find one that'l work on my comp >>;;

If not.. it's ok.. I can use my plan B

Oh and...
click plz?

Sorry I haven't been on in a while ^^; **update**

2009-01-19 22:22:34 by djdragondude

Sorry I haven't been on in a while

But I'm like... Back!!!


Anyways liek I got a new flash program and I should be able to get back to work
If I can ever find out how to convert a lmv to a swf >>
(so I could then convert it to a fla..)

I was leaning tword making it fade out where I am and like showing the credits while the song is still playing and like put a last animation at the end with the final lyrics...
but... idk...

(I am never setting due dates again -.-)
(Damn procrastination...)

So anyways.. I'll try to be a bit more active here .. if the loading doesn't drive me insane first >>;;;;;;;;;;;

One of my friends Skyblueblur is on here now!
Please be nice to her...

Here's a pic! >D

Sorry I haven't been on in a while ^^; **update**


2008-12-29 12:05:34 by djdragondude

I got my own computer!

The only suckish thing is... I have to get a flash program that works on vista...
so.. my flash might take a while longer.. -.-

So... yeah.... >>;

Now only if...

2008-12-02 07:51:53 by djdragondude

I've gotten all the running animation frames in my flash, now I just have to smooth it out and extend it a bit till I get back to the words ("I miss that time... I cant believe it, to hard to stay....") Then there's not really much I'm hoping to finish this year...
then again I set a due date last time and look at me now -.-
as long as the school doesn't dish out stupid projects again; Some crap I had to do for Soc studies ; I should hopefully finish this year... I'll... try to get back to work now... er... after school...

BTW if you don't know already, I can't really comment. it either floods the page or doesn't send at all >.>;;;;

that keeps me from working on my story as well....

to wrap it all up in a nutshell dial up SUCKS!

Well that's it for now.

I have been practicing my drawing a bit as well

DJ walking through fire er some something
Sonic shadow and silver at midnight

Major progress :D

2008-11-16 10:44:33 by djdragondude

I finished editing all the parts I needed to and now I'm actually nearly done with the running animation....

Heh I might actually finish by the end of the year (If my procrastination doesn't set in again >>;;)

Well that's it and I'm to lazy to screen shot....

Major progress :D

ok here's PROOF I'm getting somewhere in my flash :D
ok sure this is like at the very beginning but I'm redoing this part ["This is where I grew up. I think the present owner fixed it up....."] and the radio-ish part thing....["We use to listen to the radio, and sing along to every song we know...."]

so like yeah
also, I did this with like a crap load of things going :D
and I thought Liveswif was gonna crash on me....again.....
ok I'll shut up and work for the 3 hours I have left.....

Heh I suck at drawing backgrounds ^^;

gah this took 1/2 a day to save and the other half just to upload >>;

photograph progress proof shot

Well if any one remembers my flash Sonic's Photograph, I think I might be able to get it done faster, maybe, and maybe even make the animation smoother, make is sync better, and add that effect I tried to on liveswif that screwed it up like massively....
Now this idea is to like work on it at school, useing flash 8 to get around all the problems liveswif somehow allways brings up.

Ok this is where I need to ask a question, Shold I do this or not.

If I do this I could, get a long lecture from the teacher, and what not I think I don't have to go on from there....:faint:

and the whole .SWF to .FLA thing might not work if it was previously a .LMV :shrug:

If I don't, well, it will probably take twice as long because I got a program to like open .SWF s and that would preview it like someone would see it here or on NG or something, but I have to export it every time and that takes forever

Then again there is a new teacher this year and she might not get on to me so it's like a 50/50 thing so

if I don't end up doing it it's back to trying to figure out how not to crash my comp with Liveswif, like 20 paints, and a .SWF opener, open ^^;
and yes that's my reason for not being able to get any where^^;

char list

2008-10-05 15:30:42 by djdragondude

well here's a lit of all my chars some with pics

Rafiell "Raf" Hazkie- /rafiell-dj-and-tera-90931342 one on far left
Braze "DJ" Hazkie- /rafiell-dj-and-tera-90931342 one in the middle
Terisa "Tera" Hazkie- /rafiell-dj-and-tera-90931342 one on the far right
Lee Hazkie- /lee-vonage-vince-97217570
Energized Rafiell "Energized" Hazkie-http://djdragondude.deviantart.
the one on the right "Dark"
Pryo DJ "Pryo" Hazkie- /semi-transparent-Pryo-97294348
Raze "Volt" *last name unknown*- /volt-the-echinda-89854775
Metreo Hikote-http://djdragondude.deviantart.

Scorch Hikote- /super-and-normal-scorch-97217243
Dave Mizoku-
Sanjay "J" Mizoku- /j-the-hedgehog-93325649
Reko Mizoku- /reko-and-his-dark-form-93325571 the one on the left
Chime Myrozu- /chime-the-demon-meerkat-97296487
Cy Rikute-
Lightning Yuta-
Amp Yuta-
Regi Zinryuu- /Regi-the-hedgehog-97235238
Jason Hyzu- /jason-the-hedgehog-95157523
Vonage Tizuhykote- /Vonage-redisign-99081998
Jhon Mysakate- /jhon-the-half-ghost-hedgehog-93325765
Kaya Rinauta- /Kaya-s-wish-95981878
Charcole Ekizyau- /charcole-the-echinda-96542729
Swift Razahykute-
Seth Vazoniku- /seth-the-hedgehog-95729501
Baruto Rikute-
Skylar "Sky" L.- /my-first-tablet-drawing-94167497
Shazza "Shaz" Ayukii- /Shazza-the-kangaroo-97140535
Raven Omizu- /Raven-the-Neokamata-98396733
Haze *last name unknown*- /haze-the-echinda-92874525
Kana Akina-
Demon Ryuu-
Chaos Spirit Ryuu- /chaos-spirit-ryuu-97292859
Cold Freeze "Ice"- ice /big-group-97217478
Fire Starter "Flame" - t/big-group-97217478
Silver Light "Blade" - t/big-group-97217478
Electric Charge "Zap" - t/big-group-97217478
Zara Izami-
Shelbie Izami-
Vix Lynokei-
Miley Hanura-
Dark Ezo "Ezo"-

MAIN CHARACTERS(I have to work on a bit)
Zane Hyzu- /Zane-97228856
Jake Mazi-
Spite Mazi-
Dexter Yamite- /Dexter-the-dingo-fox-97292569
Mecka "Neon"- /Neon-the-android-97293120 real form:pointr: /Neon-true-form-Mecka-97294562
Distructix Izamo-
Ray Jon "RJ" Varnoto- /RJ-97229174
Mar Mysakate-
Rai cad "Rai" Zenmyzo- /Rai-the-fox-97293593
Venom Tanikate-
Kento- /nick-and-kento-97217678
Rain- /big-group-97217478
Vince-http://djdragondude.deviantart.c om/art/lee-vonage-vince-97217570
Chip Ekizyau-
Rex Razahykute-
Cole Korte-
Zig Xinoi-
Gail Hardate- /big-group-97217478
Jack Sate-
Zorro Sate-
Nick Utama- /nick-and-kento-97217678
Mark Tanikate-

Jain Hazkie-
Bradlee "Brad" Hazkie-
Zack the Hazkie-
Hannah the Hazkie-
Ben Mykauna-
Angila Mykauna-
Jerry Mizoku-
Nicole Mizoku-
Mat Vakio-
Liz Vakio-
Janit Vakio-
Maurice Vakio-
Nev Unouta-
Redge Genhute-
Lara Hana-
Anna Mizya-
Mya Mizya-
Solon Utama-
Harold Mizya-
Frank Renumyuka-
Dr. Carter-
Shane Cinokaza-
Layla Cinokaza-
Betty Cinokaza-
Stan Cinokaza-
Wane Vazoniku-
Martha Vazoniku-
Ron Sate-
Ellen Sate-

yup I know that's a lot
well now I'm bored

Potential VA

2008-09-21 10:19:01 by djdragondude

well if any one's interested in a VA I'm pretty good with Cream the Rabbit's voice and Hinata Hyuga's voice and Marine the Raccoon's voice(some what) so if ya need a VA for any of them I probably can, that is if my mic.'s not broken, if there's no cussing (parents.....), I don't feel like people are looking at me weird (long story don't ask-_-;), and if my throat's not sore

so like yeah just putting that out there so ask if ya want

I still have somewhat of a sore throat and I'm pretty sure my mic.'s broken^^; so like don't depend any thing solely on me

so like here's like the best pic I ever drew with my tablet
it took a while ^^;

Potential VA